Past Topics + Panelists


Women's Day Out | 08.15.15


Dena McMillion-Billups

Donna S. Jarret

Why We Should All Travel | 10.24.15


Monique Gray

How To Let Go Of Fear And Attain Your Goals Confidently | 02.27.16


Christina Bright

Lenny Williams

Alfred Blake

How To Date A Creative | 07.31.16


Neffi Walker

Aleesha Smalls

Michael Spence

Chike Uzoka

Purpose vs Popularity | 11.05.16

Christina Brown

Sisi Nike

Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede

Nkrumah Farrar

Bryon Summers

Jeff Dess

How To Build Brands People Love | 02.18.17

Morgan H. West

Anique Hameed

Tamon George

Gary Williams

Dr. Kristian Henderson 

How To Sustain You & The Community | 05.27.17

Rakia Reynolds

Elijah Dixon

Jane Carter

Khalil Malamug