Authentic Convos is devoted to safe spaces for purposeful conversation, usually in the form of panel discussions, hosted brunches, and mediated communication.  Authentic Convos began in 2015 as a 5-person lunch for women where Travel, Love, Relationships, and Beauty converged, and today serves both men and women, covering almost all topics - from creativity to branding to global issues.  

Each conversation brings a new topic and thought leaders to provide personal insight. Our invested interest in the community allows us to bring awareness to businesses and products. With each destination, local goods are sourced and utilized.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for inclusive dialogue that connects and inspires people. 

I wanted to create a safe space for healthy dialogue, creative innovation, and motivation that extends beyond the digital realm, that’s Authentic Convos.
— Ayana Iman, Host

Find out more about Ayana Iman at www.ayanaiman.com

What We've Achieved 

  • Served 1,000+ attendees since inception

  • 10 installations to date

  • Successful community collaborations, including Grounds For Sculpture, aligning with their diversity and inclusion initiatives


  • 18 - 55 year olds

  • Young Urban Professionals

  • Parents

  • College Students

  • Business Owners

  • Creatives